November 5, 2007

What Is Group Term Life Insurance? What Is The Benefit Of Group Term Life Insurance?

Group term life insurance is the term used when term life insurance is taken in a group. Mostly employers usually take the group term life insurance for their employees.

It is very obvious that insurance companies will give more incentives to their group term life insurance policy, since they will get the business in bulk and they have very few paper works to handle. For customer point of view the group term insurance is very cheap compare to other life insurance.

Group term life insurance covers the employees or insurer when they die unexpectedly. In case of employee the benefit is generally calculated considering the wage of particular employee.

For any sized companies the group term life insurance is the first choice for employee’s life insurance. Since due to competition, it is very important to offer life insurance coverage to attract good employees. So with lower insurance premiums compare to other life insurance, most companies opt for group term life insurance for their employees.

There is also an option available to change the group term insurance in to the individual life insurance plan. This option is used mainly by the employees who leave the company. For employee’s point of view this is the great option. Most group term life insurance is also deductible while calculating the tax which is one of the factors why group term insurance is the first choice for most of the employers.

Apart from this there are other benefits of group term insurance also. Group term life insurance does not require medical examination. This means that the employee who was denied other life insurance on the ground of medical examination can obtain group term life insurance.


Betty said...

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micheal clark said...

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